How to fix "Warning! Unable to get account details. Can not continue" when trying to get a token?

Hi, I created a new Steam account to use to log into the CoD4x master server. I then tried to collect a token from the link at the top of the master server page, and it sends me the error:

Warning! Unable to get account details. Can not continue

How do I fix this? I didn’t add a credit card or phone number to my Steam account because I didn’t expect them to be necessary for getting a token; otherwise, all the info should be available via the API.

To be honest, I’m not sure I even need a token, I am only planning on running my server in LAN mode (dedicated=1). I just decided to try to get a token because the CoD4x server logs complained about the missing token and I was unable to click into the server from the Locals page in the client, even though I can /connect to the hostname.

Anyway, any help with getting a token or getting my LAN server to show up on my CoD4x client’s Locals page would be appreciated.


If you planning to run only LAN server, and you don’t have public IP, you can safely ignore those messages.

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