Server Auth Token - Invalid

I just copy my token from “” (Logged via steam)
sv_authtoken is invalid! Abandoning master server registration

I have latest version of cod4x on my server and global config has this
//CoD4X Global Config
set sv_masterservers “*;;”
set cl_updateservers “
set cl_filterlisturl “
set cl_cod4xsitedom “”
set sv_updateservers “

So any idea how to get real token or what is going on?

FIXED I just removed “” since it doesnt work.

if you update the token, get a new one ?!..

Simple change your old token with new one. I dont have problem with that. I just removed from global config ax servers since it doesnt work. My server working now with cod4servers so it okay

probably the move influenced it.
I updated it a long time ago. everything works

It should work now, you can readd
The hosting had some trouble so they restarted the servers several times, and the server went down.
Probably you were trying the exact time when the server was down for a while.

Sorry about the inconvenience, this is one of the reasons we have 2 master servers. :slight_smile:

I dont think so. Maybe you have some problems on running. I know for ax seevers long time ago but I thinked that you closed that clan and website.

there is no http site behind it, so that is normal.

Aham, its just created for something else. I will try run server later and see what happens with token.

Btw, you can ignore it even if it fails, and it successfully registered on 1 master, it will appear in the master list anyway.

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hey guys help me please
i got token via steam for my server
but my server not show in internet cod4X
any idea please

What do you see in the console?

thank u for reply me
i see that
Steam: Server connected successfully
GameServer is not VAC Secure!
GameServer SteamID: [A:1:1635638274]
Sending master heartbeat from [::]:29415 to [2a02:730:1220::187]:20810
Sending master heartbeat from [::]:29415 to [2001:41d0:a:37ad::17]:20810 resolved to

i put on my server.cfg
set sv_authtoken “mytoken”
should i put something else ?

start your server with +net_ip4 “IPv4_Address” +net_ip6 “IPv6_address”
if you don’t have ipv6 address, it’s not required

thank you it is worked

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