1.0 patch support?

i see some 1.0 servers displaying cod4x usage, such as:

  • CoD4x v1.2 (B:5) [Linux]
  • CoD4x v1.1a (B:3663) [Linux]
  • CoD4x v1.1u (B:3670) [Linux]
  • CoD4x v1.0 (B:1233) [Linux]

could someone tell more about it?
does a cod4x version for 1.0 can be found somewhere?

i think the official cod4x server extension is for 1.7 patch only


ah okay so the main reason some players use 1.0 patch would be because of missing storage space

read what is patch in game :slight_smile:

and here:

Good luck with the buggy version 1.0 (unlocalized)