2 Different players - Original - DVD/Steam - Different Keys - SAME GUID?


I got a very weird problem.

2 Different players, both with original games, one with the original DVD box from 2007 (my personal friend and playing with me for all these years with the same game/key).

Now we got a new member, he have a Steam version (original), he first installed in his notebook and all was fine. Now he reinstalled at his desktop and simply got the same GUID as the other member.

We even compared the first 8 chars from their KEY to make sure Steam didn’t sent him the same key, but they are COMPLETLY DIFFERENT! Not a single char is equal.

So how the GUID are showing as the same? How can be possible?

Well, for a fast solution, how to make the COD4X generate a new GUID? He already deleted everything, reinstalled even with a Key from the internet, and the GUID is the same! Not changing!

Any clues? I never saw this happened in all those years, never.

To elaborate more, how the GUIDs are formed in COD4X? Are they stored in a file? Maybe can copy from the notebook?

We already overchecked everything, this is really how it is. I know, VERY WEIRD!


A fast workaround would be to manually override his guid in the server code right before reading mpdata and for example do it per player name or ip.

What I did is when this GUID is found I check the SteamID, if it is his SteamID I allow him to play.

But the problem is, how they have the same GUID? This is huge problem.

Is there a default GUID or something and is this the default? And for some reason didn’t created a own GUID and both are using the same default GUID? The keys are VERY different, can’t generate the same GUID with both.

I have my DVD Rom installed in different 7 machines in my home, all with the SAME key. All GUIDs are very different in each one of them.

I really would love to be able to fix these GUIDs. The new guy even deleted the game and reinstalled few times, always getting the same GUID.

Same hwid, probably an issue with how their hdd is configured.

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hmmmm this make sense! I’ll foward to them. thanks!

Just an update, we found the problem. They used cracks to pirated software that changed the HWID to allow these softwares, and this crack delete the exe file from windows to update the HWID on each login.