Add native controller support to COD4

Hi, I’ve been asking for the addition of native controller support for years, as is the case on IW4x and Plutonium, on Discord and Mod DB. However, I get the impression that the COD4 community couldn’t care less, whereas I’m basically a console gamer who played COD4 on X360 in 2007. I can’t get used to the keyboard-mouse and I don’t like playing that way.

I don’t see it’s going to happen in the foreseeable future. Player base is literally non-existent at this point, that 5-600 people who still plays this on PC, they use to play on PC, or converted themselves.
There are probably higher priorities than full controller support, but will see.
Don’t get high hopes on this.

Well, too bad, it’s a shame. I’m going to have to keep using Xpadder, even though it’s poorly designed for COD on PC.

I hope if it happens that aim assist is not added for controller players

There’s modder JerryALT who manages to natively implement PS3/360 controllers in his mod for COD4, but unfortunately, it’s only for single-player mode. He told me he won’t do it for multiplayer because he doesn’t like it. However, he doesn’t mind if someone with experience uses part of his mod to adapt it for COD4X.