Aimbot Antyban

sorry for my english,
how do you deal with aimbot mombot anti ban
will get banned and come back again, ip variables id change, and it’s not possible via guid ,please help
1,8 version

ban their ip mate :slight_smile:
simple as that

The one and only way is not allow VPNs. These cheaters hide behind a VPN, disallow it and you will be fine.
There are various ways to do that, you will have to do your own research. Good luck.

Thank you for your answer
I have Ubuntu 20.04, and I can’t find any way to do it
maybe you have some tips how to block vpn ?
Thank you.

\netadr\\create\1707756246\exp-1\rsn\Cheating \nick\TuD|Hiob\asteamid\0\playerid\2310346613777615907
\netadr\\create\1707757299\exp-1\rsn\Cheating \nick\TuD|Hiob\asteamid\0\playerid\2310346616989338436
\netadr\\create\1707757957\exp-1\rsn^1You are banned for wallhacking \nick\TuD|Hiob\asteamid\0\playerid\2310346616774713709
\netadr\\create\1707760350\exp-1\rsn\Cheating \nick\TuD|Hiob\asteamid\0\playerid\2310346615696377450
it’s not that simple Bro :slight_smile: