hello, do you know how to give the order to the server so that it shows the amount of ammunition that the players have

@MAD_DAD My dear. Is it possible to give that order to the server?

No I don’t know how you would do that sorry.

Can you give more details about what you want to do?

hello, thanks for answering… it happens that I’m always behind possible cheaters… and I wanted to know if there is any way to activate something on the server, so that you can see how many ammunition or how many grenades a user has. because I have seen several that apparently they will never run out of bullets. Like they have infinite ammunition.

There is no known way to achieve this. You can off course make such a script…if you already have anti-cheats script, I would recommend adding code to it for that capability.

Are you sure they have infinity ammo and it’s not that they are picking up more ammo from bots / players who have the same gun and drop it on death?
If they have some cheat that does give them infinity ammo then I would just ban these ones rather than
mess about trying to create a script to check these

Yes, you have a point. Highly unlikely that it an infinite ammo cheat, as ammo is controlled by the server not the client. They are probably using a SAW or a gun with high ammo count to start with. This server is new… I just installed cod4x and left it with the crossfire map and I haven’t put anything else. I want to say that I have intervened as little as possible… but I notice that it shows the ammunition and the additional ones. like grenades etc this other older server. it has everything. cod4x, new experience, B3. several maps etc… and this one does not show the ammunition.

I hope you can enter to see what I’m talking about.

It will be that the new experience mod eliminates seeing the ammunition or not. what do you think @MAD_DAD

Thats the difference with:

set scr_hardcore “1” - no ammo shown
set scr_hardcore “0” - ammo shown

check your server configs

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As I always repeat and I never tire of saying it… you are the best and thank you very much for all the help provided