Any way to instantly level up on a CoD4X mod?

Hello, the Bot Warfare mod [ [CoD4x] Bot Warfare v2.1.0 LATEST file - Mod DB ] started requiring a CoD4x dedicated server to run. Alright, that’s fine, I set up a CoD4x dedicated server just to run the bot warfare mod on it, everything works but the problem is I am level 1. Obviously I am not going to grind to level 55 just so I can play alone with bots, I looked for any way to get to level 55. Downloading mpdata works but the problem is that it only works for base cod4x, not for the mod because they don’t share mpdata and if i replace the mod mpdata then it just tells me it’s corrupted and resets it. T4M or plutonium or whatever it’s called has the “unlockall” command, why can’t this have something similar? Please, I just want to play alone with bots, is there any way to get a level 55 profile for a mod like this?

One way you could actually rank up faster is by installing New Experience mod and set the xp to 100. This will give you 1000 points per kill.
If you set you map to shipment and set your bots to not fire then you can do your challenges quite easily also

there has to be some way to edit the mpdata or why can’t cod4x just have unlockall command like all the other clients. :confounded:

It would take way too long to level up even with some sort of boosts and plus on top the challenges. I just want to play the bot mod with a few friends on my private dedicated server, please I really hope there’s some way to get a max level in a mod like that

just follow this video and you will unlock everything
video : How To Unlock All Weapons|Level-55|patch1.7| In Call of Duty 4 multiplayer | iw3mp pc game | 2017 - YouTube

this doesnt’ work. well it does, but only for vanilla cod4x. when i make a server with the bot warfare mod and then join it i am level 1 because mods in cod4 don’t share mpdata profiles. and putting the mpdata profile in to the bot mod just corrupts it.

This is correct. Each mod, or more specifically each modded server, controls its own ranking. You cannot transfer one to the other. The only exception that I know of is if two different servers are exact mirrors of each other. Both the exact same server name AND exact same mod files.

any way to modify the mpdata to fit the modded server? or something similar, anything really i am desperate

Not what I know of.

I have a Cod4 server called BOTs of War Level Up.

It is set to shipment map that never ends
Has 13 bots on bot team that stand still and dont attack
One Bot is on Human team to stop team forfeit from happening
You get 1000 points per kill

You are welcome to use this server to rank up quicker and do challenges

No you cannot edit mpdata for modded servers since they are all different in some way or another. Other than vanilla which are all the same. Cheaters tend to do it to vanilla servers. I dont know how, nor am I interested, and I consider them self-entitled losers that want everything but dont want to work for it. Welcome to modern society.

I dont know this mod first hand and have never used it. But a quick look through a couple of the bot files doesnt seem to show any reason why bots shouldnt work on first run, regardless of your rank, unless in the mod config you turned it off. The readme says it is enabled by default. Nor do I see anything stating that you must rank up to get bots. I would check this.

You don’t have to rank up to get bots and the bot server with the New Experince Mod does not act like a mod. You don’t set fs_game for it.

So what I proposed with my server will take a little time to rank up but not long and it will be his main rank that will be increased and not a mod rank.

But with Challenges thats different.

Can’t believe he won’t at least consider putting a little effort in :roll_eyes:

If he wants to set up his own server then he could do the same until he reaches Rank 55