Axis / allies

@MAD_DAD In new experience you can change the name to the Marines, Russians and Arabs team. for a custom name?

set g_teamname_allies "Marines"

set g_teamname_axis "Terrorists"

hola, le ingrese ese comando y no me lo toma. sigue apareciendo OpFor

Hello, I entered that command and it doesn’t take it. OpFor keeps appearing

I think it’s because your server is unmodded. I believe that only works for modded servers. You can alter your _scoreboard.gsc script to set team names manually.

If you don’t have the _scoreboard.gsx file
Create a file called _teamnames.gsx and make sure you place an initiation line in the _callbacksetup.gsx file or you can just enter the setdvar lines into an existing gsx script file in the init() section

#include common_scripts\utility;
#include maps\mp\_utility;
#include maps\mp\gametypes\_hud_util;
#include maps\mp\bots\_bot_utility;

		// Allies
		setdvar("g_TeamName_Allies", "Rename Allies");
		// Axis
		setdvar("g_TeamName_Axis", "Rename Axis");

Thank you very much for your time and help. It worked perfectly for me