[B3] Auto Register

This plugin allows players to be automatically be registered in the server
You can set after how many connection the player will be registered to a user (lvl 1) and also regular (lvl 2)
And also you can use !noc command to see the lvl of a masked admin who’s lvl is hidden from the public.

autoreg plugin

autoreg plugin (v1.4.1) for B3


  1. Place the autoreg.py in your …/b3/extplugins and the
    autoreg.ini in your …/b3/extplugins/conf folders.

  2. Open your B3.xml file (default in b3/conf) and add the next line in the

<plugins> section of the file:

<plugin name="autoreg" config="@b3/extplugins/conf/autoreg.ini"/>

autoreg.zip (3.0 KB)