[B3] Award Title

It’s calculate awards (the same as XrlStats )
and show it on the server if people connecting has awards.

Like it will show a message for best knife killer in the server chat when the player connects to the server.

Server: Best Knife killer Player name.
Server: Best Knife killer Player name Connected.

And there is so many other titles, check it your self.

Added Commands:
!refreshawards (!ra) - Refresh (Re-calculate) the awards
!awards [Empty or player)(!a) - Get the awards of you or player

To install the b3-plugin part:

  1. Unzip the contents of this package. Go to the unzipped folder extplugins and
    place the .py file in the bots folder b3/extplugins and the config file .xml in
    the b3/extplugins/conf folder.

  2. Open the .xml file with your favorit editor and modify the
    levels if you want them different. Do not edit the command-names
    for they will not function under a different name.

  3. Open your B3.xml file (in b3/conf) and add the next line in the

<plugins> section of the file:

<plugin name="awardsxlrstats" config="@b3/extplugins/conf/awardsxlrstats.xml"/>

awardsxlrstats.rar (6.0 KB)