[B3] CoD4x Screenshots

Plugin for BigBrotherBot to capture screenshot of players on CoD4x servers. The screenshot is then uploaded to ImgBB and the generated link is sent to Discord server.



  • Create a folder in your b3/extplugins directory and name it “cod4xscreenshot”.
  • Copy the “conf” folder and its contents into that directory.
  • Copy “init.py” into that directory alongside the conf folder.
  • Edit the conf/cod4xscreenshot.ini file and put in the required information.
  • Enter the following line into the b3.ini file in the [plugins] sectionscod4xscreenshot: @b3/extplugins/cod4xscreenshot/conf/cod4xscreenshot.ini
  • Restart B3 and you’re done.

cod4xscreenshot-b3-plugin-main.zip (5.2 KB)