[B3] Follow

Sometimes we have suspicions of players cheating, but the evidence is not clear enough because new hack software has hotkey to turn on/off hack without closing the game. In this case we add the user to this ‘follow list’. So next time the player connect, if and admin/mod is connected, he’s warned about the situation of the player, so he can spect him/her.

Every time a followed player is connected a PM is sent to connected admins/mod:

WARNING: [@player_id] UnnamedPlayer is under suspicion of cheating

This message is also sent when the admin connects and there is already a followed player connected.

It also comes with some commands:
follow (ff) - to add a player to the list
unfollow (uf) - to remove the player
listfollow (lif) - to list all followed players
checkfollow (ckf) - to list currently connected followed players
syncfollow - to force a resync of connected players (just in case something was wrong Wink )

If the player is banned, is automatically removed from the list.

This plugin requires to create a new table, the structure is included in the ‘following.sql’ file.

follow.rar (6.0 KB)