[B3] Map Ratings

Map-Ratings is a PHP Based Call of Duty: Modern Warfare web application for viewing the most popular maps based on B3’s mapvote system.


The current state of the tool is complete; however, users can user and modify the tool. A stable version of the Map-Ratings tool will release here when available.


  • B3 running on your server
  • B3 running the map stats plugin
  • MySQL / MariaDB
    • B3 writing the map stats to a map stats table
  • PHP5.6 → PHP 7.x

To Do

Version 1.0

  • Add back image support
    • Using a custom solution instead of gametracker
  • Add back sorting by popularity, likes, and dislikes
  • Add an update checker


Begin by cloning the repository:

git clone https://github.com/MichaelHillcox/Map-Ratings.git

or downloading the zip and place the contents inside the web applications working directory.

Once the project is inside the desired directory on the web server, navigate into the app/ folder and rename the config.php.tmp file to config.php. After renaming the file go through the commented sections inside the config.php file and fill in the correct data for the specific use case.

When the config.php is setup correctly the program is ready for use.



Map-Ratings-master.zip (21.9 KB)