[B3] Master Admin


  • copy masteradmin.py into b3/extplugins
  • copy plugin_masteradmin.xml into b3/extplugins/conf
  • update your main b3 config file with :

<plugin name="masteradmin" config="@b3/extplugins/conf/plugin_masteradmin.xml"/>

The commands are as follows:

!gametype : Changes the gametype (eg !gametype war)
!hardcore : Turns hardcore on or off (eg !hardcore off)
!killcam : Turns the killcam on or off (eg !killcam on)
!ff : Turns friendly fire on, off, shared, reflect (eg !ff on)
!spectate : Turns spectator mode off, team, free (eg !spectate off)
!fastrestart : restarts the map without forcing all clients to reload
!mag : changes map and gametype. (eg !mag shipment dm (do not use mp_))

masteradmin.rar (2.0 KB)