[B3] Php-Rcon Version 2.40

its an rcon program that allows you to control cod4 and cod4x servers

the download is in the next message

commands for cod4x can be added to config.access.full.inc.php
here are some examples the commands will be next to players in servers
$custom_cmds = ‘MA/adminaddadmin %n %m’;
$custom_cmds = ‘RA/adminremoveadmin %m’;
$custom_cmds = ‘TB/tempban %n %m&quot your tempory baned by admin’;
$custom_cmds = ‘Ban/banclient %n You can appeal your ban at www.KAB.iogcod4.com’;
$custom_cmds = ‘Kick/clientkick %n you have been kicked by an admin’;
$custom_cmds = ‘getss/getss %n’;

also you could add the following to config.inc.php the commands will be global
$custom_cmd = 'see cod4x bans/dumpbanlist ';
$custom_cmd = 'status has steam id/ministatus ';
$custom_cmd = ‘admin list/adminlistadmins’;

to use this program you must have an active web site
unzip php_rcon in the document section of your web site where your index…htm or html file is maintain the directories under php_rcon

now to edit a few files
in the server directory edit server101.inc.php with any good text editor
you want to edit the following
$server_ip = ‘’; change to your server ip
$server_port = 28960; change to your server port
$server_rconpass = ‘Rcon Password Here’;
save the file now you have to edit server.inc.php in the root directory of phprcon
change the foillowing line to suit your server

$servers = ‘cod4 server101 your server name’; leave the cod4 server101 just add your server name
//$servers = ‘cod4 server102 Your Server name’;

ok now you have to add yourself as admin
edit users.inc.php
// add users by creating a new line:
// $list_of_users = ‘admin_name password[ rights[ language]]’;
// rights can be either 0 [limited] or 1 [full, default]
// language is two letter lowercase char with according language file existing in languages/ dir [default is taken from config]
// - if both parameters are skipped, they will be filled with defaults - compatible with old format
// users can change their password and language from the web interface
// when they do, it is stored here (password in encrypted form)
// all passwords are case sensitive

$list_of_users = ‘admin pass 1 en’; change this to your name and password you like
// $list_of_users = ‘myserver pass 0’;
if all went well you should be able to point your website to yourwebsite/php_rcon

php_rcon.rar (3.4 MB)