[B3] Super Admin

Installation of SuperAdmin

  • Place superadmin.py in plugins/ and superadmin.xml in conf/
  • In your b3.xml config, add in the plugin section (choose the correct priority):

<plugin name="superadmin" priority="14" config="@b3/conf/superadmin.xml"/>

  • Adjust the minimal level for each command and enable or disable special features in superadmin.xml

  • Ready to go!

********* New functionality provided *********
**** General Admin ****

!superlookup or !slookup

Superlookup extends the lookup mechanism. Currently, lookup will only find players that are currently using a certain name. Superlookup will also find all players that used a name and changed it. This is useful for hunting people that use another’s player name, cheat in their name, and change it.

!allaliases or !allalias

Allaliases extends the alias command, and will not limit itself to 10 answers as alias does. Optional parameter will show alias creation and modification time plus number of times the alias was used.

!listbans or !lb

Listbans will display ALL active bans, expiration time, which admin applied it and what reason the admin gave. Optional parameter will list bans only by that admin.

!superbaninfo or !sbaninfo

Superbaninfo will display more information on a player’s ban, including expiration time, which admin applied it and what reason the admin gave.

!listids or !lids

Listids will display the player ids of every online player. Alternatively, it can be used with a name, in which case, it will display the id of that player. By default, it’s available to all players. The idea is that when someone demos a cheater, they can include the player id for easier banning afterwards.

**** Ban Watcher ****
** New commands **

!pastbans or !pab

Pastbans will display all past bans (tempbans and bans) of a player, who applied the ban and the expiration of the ban.

** New functionality **

If enabled is set to True, every time an admin applies a ban or a banned player tries to join all online admins will be told the amount of past bans that player has.

**** Notices ****

This plugin will enhance the functionality on notices. To apply a notice to a player use !notice (normal bot command).

** New commands **
!lookupnotices or !lnot

Lookupnotices will display all active notices for a player

!deletenotice or !delnot

Deletenotice will mark notice #number as inactive. The number is obtained from the !lnot listing.

** New functionality **

If lookup_on_login is set to True, the bot will search for a player’s notices whenever it connects. If the player has notices, every online admin will get the listing of notices the player has.

superadmin.rar (4.3 KB)