Bad rcon

Hello all,

I have a problem with a lan server. It runs and you can play on it, but I can not use the rcon commands.
/rcon login “Password” does not seem to work.
If I use another rcon command after that, I always see in the console of the server only the indication that there was a bad rcon from my ip.

What can be the reason for this and what can I try to solve this problem?

Thanks for your help

set your rcon password via the startup command: +rcon_password "blablabla"

That’s what I did. But it doesn’t work.
In the server config it says something about the password having to be at least 8 characters long. But that doesn’t seem to be the reason either.

+set rcon_password “password”

and make sure your password is 8 characters or more

try changing your server cfg. use 8 characters for the rcon password using +set rcon_password “password” in the .sh file.

// map rotation (put this in your server.cfg)
set sv_maprotationcurrent “” // leave empty
set sv_mapRotation “gametype sd map mp_crash gametype sd map mp_crossfire gametype sd map mp_backlot gametype sd map mp_strike gametype sd map mp_citystreets”

This can happen if the config is overwriting the command line arg. Normally you set rcon_password in startup command, but if you exec the config after setting it and the config has it entered to something else, it will change to what the config dictates. Delete any config entries for rcon_password.

Thanks Sh3llK0de,
i deleted the rcon_password in the server config and deleted it also in the command line. I startet the server, shut it down and writed the +set Rcon_password again in the comman line. Now it works fine.

Thanks to all!