Best host for codx hosting 2024

Hello everyone,

I’m wondering what the best hosting website for “CodX” this year, 2024. I know the game is quite old, and my friends are planning on starting a server to play this game again. However, we don’t have any experience in setting up a server with mods running correctly. Is there any hosting website where we can rent a server that will handle all the setups for the server for us?

Thank you in advance; we would appreciate any recommendations.

Hi, I would recommend getting a server from Citadel Servers. I got a server from them too. Their technical team helped me set up the server until it was fully operational. Also, they support adding custom maps and mods. I hope my experience helps you. Cheers!

Thank you for your recommendation. I have proceeded to rent the server on Citadel, and I’m currently in discussion with their support team regarding the setup we require for our server. This is nice and less hassle for us.

Hey, in the future if you like we can host your servers over at Darkland.

Find us on discord if you need any assistance!

I’ll consider it. But right now I’m on Citadel Servers and the game is working fine and running without any problems. Appreciate your suggestion