Bots spectate


is it possible to make bots in spectate mode actually able to spectate a player to create a demo of a specific bot, whose sessionstate is spectator?


I can’t get my head round this… You want a bot to spectate a player and create a demo of a bot???

I want to spawn a bot into spectator. After, I want to spectate the bot, which is set to spectate a certain player. For example: spawn bot1 into spectator. Set spectatorclient of bot1 to playerxxx. Give bot1 special hud elements, which only he is able to see. Start demorecord of bot1. Thats the plan, but its not working, since the demo files are empty when recording a bot, which is in spectate mode.

Ah right, that sounds complicated. Out of interest why would you like that kind of functionality.

Never heard of being able to spectate a person(or bot) whilst they themselves are in spectate

I want to spawn a hudelement visible only for a specific player or in this case the bot. The hudelement is kind of an internal wallhack. If you suspect someone to hack, but screenshots are clean, you can at least spot and see possible enemies through walls and identify, if the suspect is likely seeing enemies through walls. If you record the suspect directly i.e., you let the server record a demo, you cannot spawn that hudelement, since the suspect would see it too and notify, something is wrong. Hence, you need a third party, who is spectating the suspect. That should be the bot, which you would record while it has the special hudelement enabled and is spectating i.e. watching the suspect. It should be noted, that this is connected to a feature, which shall work without an admin available on the server.

Btw: does somebody know, how to enable the minimap in hardcore?

Just a point to note. When you request a screenshot, it requests it from the player side and causes them a couple of seconds of lag. If doing what you want to do is possible then it would have to get the players hud element and send that to your PC which in turn would cause the player to lag out considerably. As more data would be requested than just a screenshot. That’s if I am getting the logistics of this action correct.

Regarding screenshot, I do agree. But the Hudelement is not causing any lags at all, since this is serverside and should only be visible for the player that is being recorded. As the plan is to record a bot, it would not affect any other player. While waiting for an answer from devs or someone, who may know, what I am missing to make it possible, I made a workaround. Currently, the workaround is to use the player instead, who complains about a specific other player.

For showing minimap in hardcore try these settings in a gsx file:

self setClientDvar(“g_compassShowEnemies”, 1); to show enemies

self setClientDvar(“ui_uav_allies”, 1); to show allies

Do you have the script to initiate a serverside wallhack? I would be interested in that if you are willing to share. The concept is useful.

I don’t think that the server will record a bot, since the bot doesn’t actually have a screen output. I know for a fact that you cannot use getss on a bot, it does nothing.

Yea, should have noticed, that bots cannot be screenshotted. Then spectating them wouldn´t work either. Its no real wallhack, since its only creating hudelement and using few dvars.

Currently working on it.