Bots without weapons and do not shoot

Hi guys.
So I have the bots on my server and after some script errors I have managed to make the bots work.
These bots don’t have weapons and they don’t shoot. Can this be fixed?

my mod is extreme 2.0


if your mod is openwarfare the bots should work fine, if you are using an edited version of promod the bots won’t work, if you gave more details about your mod you could get the help you need, it gives very little information!

I keep seeing and starting the server in developer it gives me this

Waited 179 msec for asset ‘maps/mp/mp_crossfire.d3dbsp’ of type ‘col_map_mp’.

------- Game Initialization -------
gamename: Call of Duty 4
gamedate: Feb 12 2009

Game: G_SetupWeaponDef

fs_ignoreLocalized is cheat protected.
fs_ignoreLocalized is cheat protected.
Loaded fastfile ‘mp_crossfire’ in 289ms (1ms waiting)
Error: ******* script compile error *******
Error: unknown function: (file ‘maps/mp/bots/_bot_internal.gsc’, line 424)
if ( maps\mp\gametypes_missions::getWeaponClass( weap ) != “weapon_sniper” )

----- Server Shutdown -----

With the reason: Server fatal crashed: script compile error
unknown function
if ( maps\mp\gametypes_missions::getWeaponClass( weap ) != “weapon_sniper” )
(see console for details)

Thanks for your help. In the end, reviewing the script, I managed to solve it.