[BUG] AmbientPlay is crap since 20.X

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TDM will work because only have ONE round, the ambientplay works in the first round ONLY.

that’s why need to test with SD, COD4X kills the ambientplay at the start of next round.

If you connect in the middle of a game, at round 7 for exemple, the first round will work fine, but the next ones not.

use headphones for better identify the problem

Ok, made a video right now connecting to a random empty server with SD.

Since is emply (or almost) there´s no much noise and will be very easy to detect the problem.

Please use headphones.


Ok I see what you mean with your video.
I have done another with shipment map so there is no rain…
I did realise I had the perk dead silence on so it was hard to hear footsteps.

Ok this video has all the sounds that I would expect to here all through the rounds and next game.

At no point does the ambient sounds stop like in your video

there’s a clip in the beginning the round like was cut and restarted, which mod is that? I think there’s a kind of a fix waiting the round start then starting ambientplay.

please give me this IP? I will try to connect.

anyway, seams a fix from the mod, but the bug still present, that clip and restart should not happen.

It is the New Experience mod with the bot warfare mod.

New Experience:

Bot Warfare:

I don’t host a SD server only changed an existing one to SD to try and help you.

But i can change it again if you want to try it out

I am going to throw a spanner in the works now:

I remove both the New Experience Mod and Bot Warfare Mod and played 3 games with 3 rounds in each with no sound issues at all. So 9 rounds and the Ambient sounds where just fine.

very weird! happens in ALL my 7 computers, 1 with Win7 and the others with Win10.

here are the files:

please let me know if any of these files are different from yours. Or maybe have any extra file that I don´t have.

I deleted everything and reinstaled 21.1 right now, same issue.

I have the original DVD version installed and with both patches installed in all computers.

If possible, let one of your servers with SD to let me test it if works outhere, because is happening in EVERY server I´m connecting. Tryed already MANY of them!

Did you tryed the one I used in my test? Please connect there and let me know if works.
Here the IP :
This is not my server, I just random pickup for the test.

If works, is something in my client, if not, is something at your server that is fixing this issue.


I found another server with New Experience and is working Ambientplay without problems.

Seams the New Experience is not behaving as a Mod, but a modified core of the game. COD4X seams only working with New Experience, any other mod is causing this issue.

Tested locally starting a match in my client and works fine too, but without mods.

Well, the bug still exist, aside is not happening in core COD4X.

Is just move back to 19.3 and all is fine again.


I have compared my files with yours and in the zone folder I have cod4x_ambfix.ff

Thats the only difference

This was fine for me

could you attach this file here? thanks!

Looks to me a partially updated server so far.
Try to download my server, update the binary in it (because it’s oldish), and try that.

Then, try a clean install CoD4, if possible, from Steam, downgrade to 1.7 and update cod4x, and try again.
The updater should download everything what is required.
The above mentioned server was mine btw, never had issues with ambient play.


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seams the ambientplay only have issues with mods.

aside New Experience is a mod doen’t work as a mod, but a direct modification in the core, that’s why is working I think.

But thank you!

Well, I joined that IP what you mentioned above, went a few rounds, and the ambientplay was fine for me.

Well, if you are right only make this even more worst. Do you mind make a video as evidence?

And then what? What is different in my install than yours? Do you use the Steam version? Why I don’t have problems at your server but have problems in ALL servers around the world that uses ANY mod?

We need to move forward with evidences, work with some players at some servers for no reason at all stills a bug and need to be fixed.

Until that happens we are keep playing with 19.3


Again, this PC I’m testing is brand new. Installed COD4 from original DVD then applied both patches.

Download and installed COD4X 21.1 client.

That’s all. And bug is there like all other PCs and all friends that tested this with me. Over 10 players. All with SAME results.

Saldy is a problem with 20.X and forward, but sometimes works to few players and others simply don’t care. Over 2 years of this problem and seams will never be resolved.

This is my last try to help to fix this.

Wasn’t there 4 patches?

and they all needed to be install and in correct order

No, just 1.6 which have all previous patches and 1.7. That’s all.

Well you learn something new :smiley:

1.6 have all previous patches. Seams that you that are installing patches not needed. :blush:

Is not that the problem.