[BUG] AmbientPlay is crap since 20.X

Since the 20.0 release the AmbientPlay function is ONLY played on the first round that the client join the server, after that there’s no more. The only ambient sounds available are the ones in looping at some place of the maps, like flies, fire, etc… but no the main background sound of the game.

Is NOT related to any mod or server, I just installed 21.1 to test this and joined 3 random servers running S&D to test, all of them, same result, with or without mods.

This is a VERY annoying problem, I´m impressed that seams that everyone is not caring about that.

Well, going back to 19 again.


Hi Hajas,
I can’t say I have noticed this.

Can you give an example of what is missing on a certain map so I can check and listen as at the moment either AmbientPlay is working for me or I have not noticed due to the fact I play a fast paced game with my monitor speakers turned up with mainly gun shot sounds drowning out everything else.


EDIT Just put Bog map on as this has a lot of background sounds.
I can hear rumbling, gunshots in the distance, thunder and general noisy backgound sounds

Works fine in the first round.

Start a Search & Destroy at any default map (to make sure the map have ambientplay), then play the first round with ambientplay and all the next ones in silence.


Ok will test this out and let you know

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I have played SD game type with Downpour map as this has rain, thunder and lightning sounds. For me the sounds are there all the time even on next rounds the sounds are there.

My servers are set up with the New Experience and Bot Warfare mods, whether that is making a difference or not I don’t know.

I also tried a listen server without these mods and everything was fine

do you mind to record a video? from the last minutes of the first round until the first minutes of round 2?

Because I have 7 different PCs here, and also I’m with over 200 members which have the SAME problem with 20.X/21.X, doesn’t matter the server, mod or map. This happens 100% of the times.

Are your COD4 from Steam?

No mine is disc version

When I am back at my PC I will record a demo and upload it to a file sharing site and post you a link

mine too, same installed in all PCs. ALL have the SAME problem. I already reinstalled several times trying to fix that, but without success. Is just back to 19.3 (and back) that all is fixed!

Searched at YouTube now and didn’t found ANY video with ambientplay posted in the last year except the ones I posted (with 19.3) and from the iClan from France, but they don’t use COD4X

here a exemple of playing without ambient sound with COD4X 20.X or later version

please record a video for me.


not demo, you need to record a video. demo will play with what I have in my PC

Tried to do recording using Xbox gamebar capture but just get error message.
I think its because it wants to record sound through mic and I don’t have one.

Anyway play a game of SD with 7 rounds and played all 7 rounds, sounds worked every round.
Let it end and new game started and played 2 more rounds with no sound issues.
In a way I wanted it not to work and then we would know that it is cod4x at fault but as it is working fine on mine then I am at a loss to whats causing it on yours and your members.

Just messed about with xbox gamebar capture and now have it working.

If you still want a recording let me know

yes, I would like to see that. upload to youtube and send me the link please.

please record from the menu showing the COD4X version and joining any server online to test it.


is not working m8, the rain have several loop sounds aside the ambientplay sound, and this may confuse some ears. Double check the right start of the round, there’s only loop sounds.

do the same at ANY map without rain and you see the problem more clearly.

What map is best for testing as I am a bit confused now as to what sounds are missing

ANY map have the problem, but of course a map without rain is far easier to detect, like the video I posted above (not mine)

The video you posted wasn’t good for me as the narrator drowned out everything

Ok taking Ambush as an example…
When I play it on TDM the sounds are the same as I hear in the SD map that was true with Downpour.
I am not finding any sound difference at all. Driving me nuts this lol