Can someone help me setup CoD4x?

I installed the game from the disc I had from years ago, used an original key and entered the game. I downloaded the latest files for the cod4x mod, extracted and moved the folder inside the cod4 installation folder, run install.cmd as an administrator but still when I enter the game there isn’t cod4x nowhere to be found… what did I do wrong?

Hi, first of all, when you installed the game, did you also have the patches up to 1.7?
When you have that version, download patch 1.8 and put it where the game is installed and execute install.cmd (everything that is in the zip where the game is installed should be there)
On the other hand, if your version is Steam, I recommend downloading a pirated iw3mp.exe and installing the patch taking into account what I said above.
If you just clicked on install.cmd from the zip, the patch will never work.
ps: when you patch the game well, when you open it it will close itself and a copy will be created and just open it again and that’s it you will be able to play without problems.