Cannot get server running

I thought I would get my own server up and running for friends. I’ve updated to cod4x and added the token to my server.cfg file but when I start the server I get this

Can not register servers on the masterserver. Server needs to provide a valid token in the cvar sv_token.

Can anybody point me in the right direction??

The Token is only for listing your server on the cod4x server list. Without it your server should work and be visible on the ACTI server list.

The Token should be placed in your server config to work

set sv_authtoken “your token”

thank you for the info
I did add the set sv_authtoken “my token” to my server.cfg file

Do i only open the game port on my router or are there other ports that need opening?

Just open the port you assigned to the server, choose something different than 28960

For example 28100

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