Can't get xp working

Hello! I have been trying to get experience points and leveling up to work on my server for a while now and no matter what I do it will not give me any xp, It is using the mod_bots mod aswell, fully port forwarded using 3074. I put in my auth token too aswell. Here is my command line cod4x18_dedrun.exe +set dedicated 2 +set sv_authtoken “5C02B84585DB1DD6FED026340A4569317D002E3C” +set sv_punkbuster 0 +set sv_maxclients 16 +map_rotate +set fs_game “mods/mp_bots” +set sv_authorizemode “1” +set net_ip “” +set net_port “3074” +set sv_showasranked 1 +set modstats 1 +exec “bot_server.cfg” and here is my bot_server.cfg

sv_hostname “word”
set sv_authtoken “5C02B84585DB1DD6FED026340A4569317D002E3C”

rcon_password “password”
g_password “”
sv_privatePassword “”
sv_privateclients “”

sv_floodProtect “1”
sv_reconnectLimit “amount of reconnects allowed per player”

sv_cheats “1”
sv_voice “1”
scr_teambalance “1”
g_allowvote “1”

set bots_manage_fill “12”
set bots_manage_fill_kick “12”
set bots_main_firstIsHost “0”

Ok your settings are conflicting. sv_showasranked will show you at your rank level, but you will not gain XP. If you turn off sv_showasranked, you will gain XP, but it will count towards the mod only. To gain normal XP, the server cannot be running a mod.

I set the command to 0 and tried deleting it all together but the issue still persists. I am not getting any xp at the end or during the match, the bots are tho.

search for level.rankedMatch in globallogic :slight_smile:

Where is that located freind?

Man I have been at this for days, I just don’t get why I am not getting xp, when I join other servers running the same mod that are also unranked it works fine and my xp increases as normal, these servers also have sv_pure set to 0 as when I set my server to 1 it says invalid iwd files.

Figured it out, I guess the server files I was using was outdated or not compiled correctly, just got it fully working with xp!