Cant play in 1 server

Hey, i was able to play on a server before but now i downloaded the game again and when i want to play i get an error, i tried reinstalling 5 times but doesnt work. How can i fix this error and play?

Installed cod4, installed 1.6 patch, installed 1.7 patch and installed cod4x current version, i can play some servers but i cant play only on the server i want to play on

I could be wrong but that error message seems to be saying the problem is with the server files and not your client files.

Many people say they are playing without problems, i will try to contact the admins of the server. Thank you.

i think i am getting this error when trying to download a file, can someone upload the mod.ff file of fnrp rotu server for me. file path mods/fnrpr/mod.ff

Ok a friend helped and i fix the error. I would like to say that in case anyone else gets the same error, the reason for the error is that the required file could not be downloaded.

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