Cd key issues

just built a new pc and was trying to get on cod4, was working just fine before and now im having issues with a cdkey? every time i close game the key is removed, and if i put one in i get the couldnt update registry prompt. i can hit exit and join a server but get kicked shortly after in game with the prompt of keycode not valid. if i join a server and back out the key gets deleted as well. not sure if its from my end but this wasnt happening before updating to newest cod4x. new user so i cant show the other picture of the error saying could update registry with new key code. also before anyone says try to run as admin that dosent do anything, itll let me put the key in and join a server but if i leave or close the game my key code still gets removed.

Don’t know if this will help but under windows I had to run cod4x as admin enter the key and then exit game then it kept the key code on any restart from there

how are you running cod4 as admin? just right click and launching as admin? maybe im missing something but launching as admin didnt work for me, it still wouldnt save my key

I right clicked the cod4 icon and selected run as administrator
and it saved my key