Cheater Dvar destroyer

Hi i m new in this web site i have my cod4 server . there are too many hackers .
i want a plugin script which makes a rcon cmd. When admin write “$destroy (player name)” the player binds , resoloution , sensetivity , name etc are changed to specific one writen in the script
and he also say in chat that i did hacks and destroyed my settings and after chatting this he get kicked after 1 min. Thanks and sorry for my Destroyed english HEHE.

I don’t know why servers do this, really immature imo.

A lot of servers have admins that are not of the highest skill shall we say and they give a lot of false bans to promod players etc and ruining their cfg is not cool.
Even on servers with very experienced admins, false bans can happen, so that is why I would not recommend this.

The worst case of this I have seen is on a russian dom server that will remain nameless. They are using auto ban plugins for too many headshots in a row, and they ruin the player’s cfg before banning.
This is really stupid considering some people are going for headshots, for example to unlock red tiger camo.

And sure if a guy is blatantly spinbotting and you do this, cool I guess. He is a cheater and most likely does not care about his cfg anyway

Great You are right but there are many aimboters who join to degrade server I wonna use it for confirmed guys and i dont have admins and plugins for that

If you’r trying to brick others settings, i will visit your server. Take care