Does anyone know how to have a custom clantag? cant seem to change it, as I only see pre set ones.

create group in steam ?

how will that help? I went there and there is no solution.

  1. Create group in steam
  2. Start cod4x client with active steam
  3. Connect to server, and use console command /clan
  4. Open full console (shit+~)
  5. Watch N your clantag and use /clan N (/clan 1).
  6. Reconnect on server
  7. Ready.

Sry for my bad english :slight_smile:

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Thank you! I really appreciate you in taking the time to explain.

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HOLA, me puedes ayudar un poco mas como hacerlo
no entendi mucho
ya tengo cuenta steam
grupo steam
pero que mas tengo que hacer para tener el clan

See Help with the token and with the clan - #3 by MAD_DAD