Cod 4 Non-dedicated Local server error

Hi, I have been experiencing a strange issue while playing cod in local Non-dedicated server with friends. The promod 220 keeps on crashing after 10 mins or so with error “Attempted to overrrun string in call to va()”. I used non modded PML 220 EU and a modded “Killer promod” that i used to play in 2018. Both these servers are crashing. Apart from them, if I make a server without mods and without promod, it works absolutely fine. Any guidance in this regards will be helpful

Seems like the mods are giving problems. Check with mod’s support forum.

Can you kindly guide as to where I can find the mod support forum?

contact promod here →
Or you could try the latest version of promod from FPSChallenge

I couldnot find any promod MOD in fpschallenge. Can you kindly send the link please?