Cod4 1.7 Knife mod


We are a small community of people that play cod4 knife.
We are not real modders, we have attempted to remove the gun damage for some of the guns. And remove stuff like explosive barrels/turrets. However when we compile the mod and run it everything seems to work.
But the knife feels completely different. Is there anybody that could assist us?

Thank you!

In cod4x they removed knife lunge so good knife 1v1 is not possible anymore afaik. Don’t know why and devs never respond anymore :frowning:

What exactly are you trying to do? CoD4x removed the knife-in-hand mechanic due to potential exploits with it, the player will swing the knife when melee button is pressed now. If you are trying to have the knife alone work and guns do nothing, then all you need is a script or combination of scripts, not a mod. What you are actually looking for is unclear though.

I was unaware it was removed. Can you shed some light on this and what the exploit was? ‘Potential’ seems to suggest there ‘could be’ exploits but none were actually seen. I made lunge part of a perk.

The exploits included player teleporting forward, snapping back and knifing someone behind them without trying to, others that I can’t remember… maybe others can weigh in. Yes they were actually known and seen fairly often.