Cod4 rotu missing file

Hello! I get this error after lunch server. Files are there but server cant find them? Some solution ? I use pterodactyl panelnfor it.

The function that threw the error is not stated or too many errors. Check qconsole.log to see what errors is shown. It could potentially be the xmodel for the raygun as it is one of the guns in the shop. If you compiled the mod yourself, make sure the mod.csv includes the info for the raygun.

Raygun is it in file

After chage map now I have this error xddd. Btw file is there…

Can you post link to the mod? I would recommend double installing the _zombiescript.gsc: Copy the script to server_root/main_shared/maps/mp/_zombiescript.gsc (create the directories if needed).

Also, Pterdactyl has a known issue with memory allocation and can cause random errors like this. To check that it not Pterodactly, run the server from a shell to see what happens.

Can I PM you with server login info ?

Without rotu server works perfect, only after i try to start some ZM map I get error