CoD4x and BotWarfare issue

I have a cod4x server and want to add botwarfare to it without running the mod. What folder do I put botwarfare in if cod4x is in main_shared?

The developer provided the information

Ok so i started up my server at 1.7. Added botwarfare and the bots were able to shoot and other stuff. I upgraded to cod4x, new experience and the bots lost their action. They cant shoot anymore. That’s the problem im having. Hence my question

I’m trying to run cod4x without running modwarfare in mods\mp_bots\ folder, because I can run the mod botwarfare without cod4x, and it works but it’s not New Experience. When I add BotWarfare to NE they don’t have guns. Specifically, when I add NE to main_shared folder, where do the bot files go? How do I modify an IWD file?

You need to build a binary server file from the source code to GitHub
callofduty4x/CoD4x_Server: Extended Call of Duty 4 server (

or use an older botwarfare release like I do

If you see the script botware on github. You can see all of the issues/reports people made on it.

First issue that was closed looks like the same problem you are having.

My response to MAD_DAD: "server is full of bots with the version you recommended (2.10) and I can’t join.
Here is my loadout for the bots in server config:
set bots_main 1
set bots_main_firstIsHost 0
set bots_main_chat 0
set bots_main_kickBotsAtEnd 0
set bots_manage_add 8
set bots_manage_fill 8
set bots_manage_fill_kick 1
set bots_skill 0
set bots_skill_min 1
set bots_skill_max 3
set bots_manage_fill_spec 0
set bots_loadout_reasonable 1

If the server is full of bots which according to your
set bots_manage_add 8
thats 8 bots and you can’t join. So how many player slots do you have (set sv_maxclients), is it 8 by any chance