Cod4x fisrt steps after installation

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I’m using a server hosted by PingPerfect and I installed the cod4x mod but I dont know what I have to do after installation to make the mod runs on my server . Any additional information to follow and make the mod works? This is my first time doing it so my brain is killing me xD.

I installed the cod4x mod but I don’t know what I have to do after installation to make the mod runs on my server

So if you have installed COD4x then it should work now.
(assuming you have uploaded the server client files and point your server command line to cod4x18dedrun.exe and not iw3mp.exe)


Thanks for replied :slight_smile: .
The Ping Perfect staff verified the installation and everything is correct and running. I looked at the folder where the mod is installed and found 4 files


if I want to edit like how many kills do you need to get a nuke, artillery etc where I have to make the chnage ? directly into default_server.cfg?

There is no nuke in cod4x. Only UAV, Airstrike and chopper and these are set by the game. Other types of hardpoints are available if you run the new experience mod.
Those files you mention can be ignored as that folder is nothing to do with cod4x mod.

You should have a server.cfg file in your main folder that controls server settings.

Thank you :), I was confused , I thought those attacks were part of the mod but it was just part of another mod. LOL

yo se como es pingperfect y si bien es cierto, es bueno. pero te entregan una configuracion muy basica, es uno quien tiene que realizar muchos cambios y personalizaciones.
no es dificil. pero ay que dedicarle tiempo para dejarlo como uno quiere que responda el servidor
y verifica la linea de comandos. te recomiendo que no uses la predeterminada, es mejor usar una personalizada

Translation via Google Translate:
I know what pingperfect is like and while it is true, it is good. but they give you a very basic configuration, you have to make many changes and customizations.
is not difficult. but you have to take the time to leave it how you want the server to respond.
and check the command line. I recommend that you do not use the default one, it is better to use a custom one


Thank you very much for your translation, I was more excited to give an answer than to translate. I apologize in advance if I made a mistake.

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Thank you guys for the help :slight_smile: