Cod4x new experience can't launch mods

First post here
So i wanted to launch a mod on cod4x new experience but fs_game is write protected when i launch the mod without cod4x new experience it works. How do i work this out been stuck on it for about a week!

Is your fs_game mods/mymod in the startup command as it should be?

Also, new experience is a set of scripts that is not meant to work with mods, it can override mod stuff. Remove the new experience scripts to run the mod as intended.

Thank you for responding i really wanted to run frontlines forever on new experience. I really liked new experience cause me and some of my friends really wanted to run frontlines forever with new experience.

Seems like you want to make scripts not intended for a mod work with a mod…2 ways to achieve that.

  1. Know a bit of CoD4 coding and make New Experience fit into the mod by adjusting the code.
  2. Ask the mod creator for assistance. Creator is a very skilled modder called @Hajas

Good luck to you.

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By the way whenever i launch a big mod on cod4x dedicated server a hunk userallocmemory prompt shows up is there anything i can do about it?

The hunkmegs allocation error is about RAM and/or CPU, not the game itself. Your server isn’t giving you enough resources to run that mod. Upgrade your server box if you run on a VPS or let the provider know whats happening if you rent a gameserver.

Hello @C_lore018b34C8,

sadly there’s a char limit on the entire code and Frontlines is on the edge, if you add a single line will crash at some point in some gametype/mode/weapons/map combinations.

Would be extremely difficult to merge with other mod because of that limit sadly. :frowning:


Do you offhand know what that limit is? Menus are certainly limited before they start truncating files. Havent experienced anything like that with gsc files.

Around 4mb alocated to the mod for exemple. If the sum of your GSC files are close to 4mb it will crash.

Frontlines is very large with many features, so if you add few lines will cause this crash.

Have also the MAX PRECACHE ENTITIES problem, and goes on…

Never actually checked to see actual size of all the gscs Ive got. There are quite a lot. Curious what it is.