CoD4x new version

Hello, does anybody know, when the new version of client will be released? I hope it will fix russian cyrillic in chat… :pray:

Development seems dead.

is there any link with them?

The releases are here - Releases
and as Nadorix says it looks like there won’t be any new releases as nothing seems to be happening.

3 months ago

If that is from these guys then why is there nothing in “Announcements” category to let us know what is going on?

This is a great mystery lol

Little fixes maybe not worth for new release or AlexC is sleeping :slight_smile:, anyways cod4x is dead already.

Nah, I have no connection with that project, and nor announced anything, or communicated over to me. @Fraggy has the same level of admin as me, so he can do it if he wants.

And yeah, pretty dead now days.

Well there you have it…
At least it works and works good in it’s current state.

Atleast with more working hacks and exploits as 1.7 :^)

Well hacks can be dealt with by admins but exploits… if you mean the type like RCE exploits then there are programs (like Malwarebytes anti exploit) that can stop these from actually activating by shutting down your game / server once they are detected thus stopping them in their tracks.

I know that shutting your game / server is not ideal but its better than a RCE exploit being run on your system

Hacks/Cheats & Server cheat/crash exploits. Antiban cant be dealt.