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I installed Cod4 1.7 on a new pc and I tried to join a server. This is what I get

When visiting the page indicated I get:
“Oops! That page doesn’t exist or is private.”

This makes the experience for new users pretty hard and they might be discouraged to join the server.

hola, tu unico problema es un conflicto de versiones
tu tienes la version cod4 y estas tratando de ingresar a un servidor cod4x

vale decir tu mismo lo comentaste usas la 1.7 y ese servidor es 21.1

solo tienes que actualizarlo nada mas

por ejemplo mi servidor es y es cod4x. no es privado por si quieres probar el ingreso.

Download update here:

Unzip in the root of your cod4 directory.
Navigate to the install.cmd and run it

You should be fine then

I know how to do it, but new players don’t. I don’t understand why is unreachable. They just need to write in that page a link to the download, is that hard to do?
That would make new players’ life easier

Ah ok, I get what you mean. But if they manage to find there way here at least they will be told

who can we talk to to make them update that webpage?

That link essentially just was a How to install manually link anyway, so nothing to do with it, just the client haven’t been updated yet.

Could you just make redirect to “Releases”?
I think these details still matter. That would ease the life of the less experienced users.

I can do yes, I’ll have a look and see.