Simple and Fast Call of Duty 4 1.8 Servers Monitoring Widget for your Website which uses your serverstatus.xml and doesn’t load you hosting with RCON and MYSQL queries

Getting Started

Please note that this monitoring works only when you have your Servers and Website are running on the same machine and you have access to serverstatus.xml. Btw serverstatus.xml got updated by CoD4X every 10 seconds.


  • Put Monitoring Files (all files from this repo) in some folder on your website
  • Edit config.php as you need

Main Features

  • Simple and Fast - script parses your serverstatus.xml without using of anything else like MYSQL or RCON, so it much faster than original RCON+MYSQL(cache) monitorings
  • Enhanced playerslist with players divided by teams, including their Rank images and captions
  • Server Online Records - scripts will remember a number and time when it was maximum players online.
  • Server Online/Offline status information
  • Multi language - you can translate it by simple editing /lang/ files. Already translated into English and Russian.
  • Maps preview images (on hover) - previews for all deafault Call of Duty 4 maps
  • Widget ready - you can just include ‘your_folder/index.php’; file from everywhere and it will be loaded.

Some Previews

serverlist playerslist (175.6 KB)

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