Do i need to buy the game on steam in order to use the client?

Idk if i need to have the game bought on steam or theres a full game link, i just dont want to buy the game if not needed

Cod4x is a patch for cod4 you must have the cod4 game in order to use the patch does not matter if it is a pc version of the game or steam version. How ever you must have steam running in the background in order to play cod4x

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Do you?
I have played cod4x without steam running.
You only need steam for a server token as far as I am aware.

I now have steam running for cod4x to use my steam username as my ingame name but thats all, never had steam running in the background to run it before

**Edit: yep just quit out of steam and run cod4x and joined server

No you dont need Steam running.

CoD4X will always take your Steam name if it is running.

If you want your name in colours (if server allows steam names) then yes have Steam running. Your Steam name would be

^1My^5Name for example.

If you use NeHo’s WebAdmin for then yes, need Steam running for the Admin purposes.

In general it is not needed otherwise.

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That’s what I thought…and yes I do have steam running just for the coloured name I have made as my steam username :smile:

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Without steam running you cannot use the built in cod4x admin commands

That’s not a problem, I use IW4MAdmin anyway :smile:

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I stand corrected – I was thinking server as I responded to his post - but missed the fact that he was talking client.

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