Doubts with simple banlist plugin

Hello everyone, I wanted to know more about this banning plaguin.

It turns out that I have a case that caught my attention, temporarily banning a user for bad behavior for 24 hours. But before 24 hours he was able to enter.

I added it to the file manually and by console command and the console sent me the response that the user was added without errors and that his ban would end in 24 hours. but he was able to enter.

My doubts are the following. in the CFG the correct way to call the plugin would be with quotes oh without quotes

loadplugin “simplebanlist”
loadplugin simplebanlist

in the simplebanlist file this is how the user is the aggregator

\netadr\\create\1702575791\exp\1702857002\rsn\Violating internal system rules (Antihack) \nick\user name\asteamid\0\playerid\2310346616734xxxxxx\

I don’t know if this information is important.

My other question is that since I had to manually review the simplebanlist file. I was surprised that by itself it added some banned users but temporarily. but I don’t know which plugin oh script is helping me with the review of these cheating users. I only know that it leaves a message of violation of server rules (antihack). Is there any way to know what it could be and what is using this file?

For example, this is the last user that the server added and banned automatically.

\netadr\190.138.xx.xx\create\1702019716\exp\1702858776\rsn\Violating internal system rules (Antihack)\nick\Booz\asteamid\0\playerid\76561199173xxxxxx\

I know that it is not the corresponding “id”, that the original starts with 23103xxxxxxx. but in that user’s history it does not show any “id” that starts with those digits. but that is just an isolated case that I have. But the most important thing is how to know which tool would be helping me.

because that’s how I found that the server has automatically banned 6 or 7 users for violating rules

Correct way is without the quotes.

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Don’t worry about this, can be triggered by various reasons and not due to hacks

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