Download custom maps

Hello everyone, when downloading some maps from the server it sends me this message

cl_cgameneedsservercommand: a reliable command was cycled out

It gives me the option to leave, but then I can re-enter without problems.

How can this be resolved?

and because some users download maps very slowly. Is there a command that is associated with downloading custom maps?

@MAD_DAD @Sh3llK0de

Hello guys, I hope you are well, you know what can happen with this.

never had this error, have you tried a google search?

Yes, I have searched on Google and different forums. But I can’t find the solution and I think it only happens on large maps and I can’t help but rule out that it’s not my profile. Happens to all users with large map downloads

This is caused by a connection timeout, it is default to 90 seconds. If your map is large and connection is bad causing you to take more than 90 seconds to download a map, this can happen. To prevent this, you can increase the timeout by adjusting the sv_connectTimeout setting in your config.
Using set sv_connectTimeout "180" in your config will tell the server to timeout at 180 seconds. Adjust the following as needed, but try to keep it as low as possible without having that error.