Download error

Hello guys
I’ve been trying to configure the downloads from our server for a few days.
Some very strange things happen to me, there are people who enter the server and download at more than 1 GB/s and on the other hand there are others who only download at 10 kbps
Those clients have all the official game patches on and also the cod4x 21.1 patch

What I can do?


Hi Gasofa,

I do not think there is a great deal you can do. If some clients are getting a good speed then I would say your redirect is set up fine. What web server are you using out of interest?

I have noticed that sometimes players need to disconnect and join again and then their speed is just fine. That is with non CoD4X servers also unfortunately. I can join your server and test if you post IP.


Hi, thanks for your response.
When a client tries to connect it gives this error
Client ‘=SPS=SniperCabe’ reported that the http download of ‘’ failed, falling back to a server download

Only with certain players not with all


I have joined Gasofa’s server server and for me the download was fine so the redirect is working.

Does anybody else have any problems with certain clients having slow download on their servers? It happens on my server also.

Of course their internet speed etc is their own problem but I am curious…surely it cannot be anything to do with CoD4X? I don’t think so but Its happening randomly from time to time.

I think, It’s something like Security bug that attackers tries to disable FastDL and Directly download Every files from Server folder ( includes server.cfg, scripts )
That happens for my server too…

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