Exceeded limit of 128 'weapon' assets

when I try to start my server it immediately turns off and pops up error saying Exceeded limit of 128 ‘weapon’ assets… anyone knows how to fix this?

Hi Mike, what map are you loading on server startup? Are you running a mod?

Add this to your startup command: +set r_xassetnum "weapon=256"

yes I am… mod is deathrun on map bricky.

it seems that this command is not working for me…

Have you tried running a different map to see if it is the map that causes the error.

If it is the map then just drop it out of the rotation

yup, I already tried it

also when I search for +set r_xassetnum I cant find anything to do with weapons only materials and xmodels

Don’t know if this will help but read this:

yea that doesnt help alot… the problem is server starter probably, because before the weapons was set on 256 and then after updates it was putted back to 128, so now error pops up. so I was wondering if there is way to bypass it or to code the client to put it to 256…

Sorry pal, out of ideas on this as I have never come across it personally.

Hope someone can give you an answer


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Is ‘weapons=256’ new? And more importantly reliable? Last I heard was that it couldnt be done without illegal memory access problems.

But if it does work, and never crashes, it will take care of a bunch of issues and open up new options.