[FIX] If your game 'crashes' or 'cant get through' the splashscreen after the installation of CoD4x

Hey there.

Im registered just because I wanted to play on another computer with Cod4.

When I installed from disc, and the patches, I didn’t get through the splashscreen. Even tho I did everything. I did the same with a cracked version, nothing happened.


I see some of us have the same problem, but of course no one really wants to fix this, or comment the solution, so I will.

The problem is simple. (I call it bug instead)

  1. Install all of the patches (from 1.4 to 1.7)
  2. Install the CoD4x latest patches, and turn on the stereo mixer.
    And heres the problem…
  3. You might need Steam to run the game. It does not matter if you bought the game 16 years ago, still you need to run and have an account on Steam (of course be logged in). If its done, you can finally play normally with the game without any problem.

In older version of CoD4x Steam were not required (to be honest I think still it is not), on my main computer, and my brother’s computer, yet we dont need steam to play, but on freshly installed copies, you might need it. It helped me to play with CoD4 again.


I accidentally started the game without steam, its loaded and started fine.
Probably you need to use this Steam method once, and its works fine without it later.

respond if its helped to you.