Gali - why PM me about this? - Ask in forum

Gali8:50 am


please remove the ban from the server, I have been playing there for several years

I’ve always joked about using Bro_fista cheats, he plays well, but as soon as I start killing him, he kicks me off the server and blocks the grenade launcher!

MAD_DAD9:46 am

You have to ask the server owner as this is not my server

Gali11:23 am

tell me the owner of the server

MAD_DAD11:34 am

How would I know. I am a Server owner. I am nothing to do with any other Servers but my own. I am nothing to do with COD4x. Even COD4x staff would not be able to help you

If you want help then post the server name and hopefully the server owner will see it

Stop with the PM’s to me about it

Weird spam post mate

Not a spam post…

This is what I got in my chat message.

Why Gali had to post to my chat and not in the forum I’ll never know.

So posted a copy of it here hoping that he / she would continue it here and not in my private chat.

Now disabled my chat

So again not a spam post