Game crashes without any error

when i update the client and i loads the game like in the image, but then it closes without any error. does anyone know whats the problem?

stereo mix on?
turn it on in the sound settings
2-or turn off steam

This dumbfuck mod should be ditched. FNRP zombie server keeps crashing for me. The game freezes without any error…

Are you saying Cod4x should be ditched?

It’s been working fine for me over these last 4yrs or so that I have been using it.
I run New Experience and Botwarfare.

So I can only conclude the problems you are having are external to Cod4x. Either a mod you are running or your server is not set up quite right.

You could always go back to v1.7 or 1.8(steam) CoD4 and see where that gets you

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