Get server Info

Hi i want to make a server which have info ( server name, ip, online players, map etc. ) of all my game servers.
Is this possible?
My first priority is that the game server by self send data to server by using method like heartbeat.
Second is that the server sends a signal to game server and game server response with info.
I dont want to use rcon sending system.
if 1st method is found it will be so good.
sorry for my bad english.

Hi, I am in the same boat as you.

Currently, I have a python script which starts/stops cod4 dedicated servers. At the moment I can pass instructions such as “status” into the console and read the response. However, I am limited since this doesn’t get sent back as a packet, rather sends it back line-for-line. I haven’t been able to do this on Windows.

Have you found any solutions in the past 3 weeks?

You can contact me on discord if you want to discuss more.
Discord username: zasdf