GUID bypass

what can we do for GUID bypass hackers.

This is an unfortunate thing with this GUID spoofing.

You could IP ban but then they could just use a VPN. There is more than likely a way of restricting VPN’s but I am not sure. Maybe someone else could clarify? I think that IW4X Admin panel automatically bans clients with a VPN.

A lot of ISP’s provide Dynamic IP’s so just by restarting his router or turning it off for a while for example would then also change the IP.

At the end of the day probably easier just to keep banning them. eventually they will get bored of keep rejoining I guess. Not ideal buthey…F#*king Assholes.

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yes SMiLeY, you are right IW4MAdmin blocks players who use VPN’s.

I use it on my 5 servers.

Once they rejoin with their actual IP address then you have them.

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im already using a vpn blocker with b3 but a Player name called Fake Bot connected to server with no location and no ISP he is also using hacks

“IP [] , []”
this is the plugin i’m using to filter VPN “GitHub - Zwambro/b3-plugin-vpnblocker: Block all vpn connection using iphub and proxycheck api with b3
if i try to IP ban his ip it will be automatically changed

I don’t understand how he can connect with no details.
Maybe the VPN Blocker is not working right.

have you tried \status in console to get the list of players which will also show the IP address

if this player connect its not working for him

Do you happen to have the B3 log for when he connected? or his entry in the games.log. It looks like B3 authed him without details, which goes against it’s design. It must have some details on him.

Maybe he blocked b3. Not even one b3 command is working on me.