Hack y wallhack

Hello everyone, as you know I am an enemy of cheats and that is why I am always looking for possible cheats to know how they are used and how they look when viewed… but I found a hack that my server does not detect and it does not look good when being watched. It is very easy to cheat and hide. by having this hack with the “dll”. Is there any way to teach the server to detect it and to expel it or to give me a warning that a trap is being used.

thanks for your help

hi, friend. Do you know if the server can be taught that if it detects a dll, for example, it knows that it is a trap. oh if I show you that hack can you see how it can be prohibited?

There is no anti cheat with cod4x so nothing to look for cheat files. This at one time was done by punkbuster which has long since been unsupported on cod4. So running an outdated punkbuster is in itself a security risk these days

Anti cheat is now the keen eye of Server Admins.

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Hi bro I found a way, there is a type of cheat that getsss. It does not specify in it, but with the iw4xadmin plugin, you can see through the site that the cheater player enters the server with a new id after each connection, but the player without the cheat is not like this! Not all cheats are like this, and some of the cheats that have no effect on the GUID are identified by this plugin and can be bookmarked through the site and will no longer connect to the server.

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Hello, thank you very much for your answers.

Look, @hamed_2 I once tried to install “iw4xadmin” but it was impossible for me to run it. You could guide me on how I have to install the server, if it weren’t too much trouble. thank you in advance for all the support you all give me

You need to install the prerequisites you want to install, then open the program and answer the setup questions. Finally, it will be done. If you have any questions, ask them in Discord.